About us

Thank you for visiting our webpage! DIGANICE creates excellent embroidery.
Day by day we take care of embroidery creation.

From paper or digital sketch to actual thread stitch swirl, which creates
beautiful, vibrant colorful lines. DIGANICE works with existing designs, adds changes to them as well as creates new designs for clients to meet their idea visions. We can create embroidery on a thin chiffon or organza as well as on a firm textile material, for example – lin, as well as leather or tarpaulin. One design can contain up to twelve different color threads. DIGANICE excellent embroidery is made automatically by embroidery machines, which means, that every embroidery, emblem, patch or even applique is as precise as beautiful as the first one. Our mission is to make the beautiful even more appealing.

We will help You to choose the best embroidery solution for your needs.

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For more information about our embroidery, send your questions and notes
to info@diganice.com or call us at + 371 297 26 488  •  + 371 292 45 111